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Post  trentstar on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:10 pm

So here you are. You just started playing this game and darned if you can`t understand anything. When can I work? What time of the day is it in the game? How do I vote? These are just some of the questions new players have every day. Let me help you understand what the game is and how you play it.

First of all, you should be aware that the game is based with real life currency. That means that every CAD that you earn and every Gold dollar that you collect are worth RL [real life] money. In many instances you are playing with fractions of pennies so the value is somewhat skewed however. If you build up enough in-game Euros you can -withdraw- them from the game [with a fee of course]. Many players have done and are making withdraws weekly.

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I`m in the money, I`m in the money!

Let us start with wellness as wellness is by far the most important score. You can find its value in the left corner of each page. Total attack, total defence, productivity, wages, and taxes taken from slaves are calculated using wellness so it is a good indicator of possible profit. Wellness increases upon consumption of certain products and decreases daily depending on activity. We will list below when your wellness increases and decreases. Remember that wellness is updated hourly.

Wellness increases when,

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Are you gonna eat that?

Consuming food. Food has 5 quality degrees and is the fastest way to increase your strength. Depending on its quality, your strength increases with a certain value (1 star - 1 point, 2 stars - 2 points, etc.). You can eat once at 6 hours. To eat go to page Goods / Food.

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Drinking wine. The wine does not have a quality degree but as time passes it automatically increases its value and the wellness received increases. A new bottle of wine offers 1 point of strength. If wine is not sold, the strength offered by a glass increases each day with 0.4 points per day. After 60 days, a bottle of wine matures and no longer increases its value, in other words a glass of wine can give you a maximum gain of 25 wellness points. You can drink maximum one bottle every 24 hours. To drink wine, go to page Goods / Wine and make sure that you buy a 25% wellness boost wine. How do you do that? Skip to the three star rated wines. They are usually always at the 25% mark.

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Bond, James Bond.

You're dressed. Each garment offers you a certain level of strength per day. There are 10 types of garments (underwear, socks, gloves, hat, shirt, boots, pants, jacket, coat and cape). Each garment has five quality degrees. Depending on the level of quality you will get a certain number of wellness points and that particular garment lasts longer. Remember that clothes are degradable, which means that after a while they will automatically disappear from inventory. You can own a single garment of each type, at a certain time (one pair of gloves, one hat ...). To buy clothes, go to page Goods / Clothes.

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Martha! Get me my shotgun!

You live in a house. When you live in a house, every day you get a certain number of strength points depending on the quality of the house. Houses have 5 quality degrees. They are the only products which have unlimited life duration. One-star houses offer five wellness points per day, the two-star houses, 10 points, the 3-star houses 15 points, the 4-star ones, 20 points and a five-star villa brings an increase of 25 wellness points per day. If you cannot afford to buy a house you can rent it. Remember that if you move to another region, you will automatically move from the house. To buy or rent houses, go to page Properties from the main menu.

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Gather round now. It`s time to read!

Reading an article. Each time after you read an article for the first time, you receive a certain number of points depending on the quality of items. Articles have five quality degrees and unlike other products they acquire their degrees depending on the readers\' votes. You can read an unlimited number of items per day but cannot receive more than 10 strength points / day in this way.

Wellness decreases:

Automatically every hour, by a percentage equal to Pr = P * 0.05. Even if you are not involved in any activity, your strength decreases each hour by this percentage.

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Hey! I`m working hard here!

When working. For each hour of work, strength is reduced by 1% extra. This means that after a day`s work [but before the end of the eight hour shift] you automatically lose another 8% strength, to which is added the percentage that you lose automatically.

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I has you now!

When fighting whether you attack or are attacked, after every fight you strength decreases by 1%.

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When travelling by foot if you choose to travel from one region to another by foot, you will lose 1% strength every 10 kilometres. Traveling with carriages or balloons does not cause loss of strength.

In other words, if you read a lot, if you are impeccably dressed, live in a palace, only eat 5-star steaks and drink the finest wine, you can receive over 100 strength points per day. If in one day you work and attack 8 times, you lose 40% strength. Maintaining strength to 100% is not exactly an easy task and in some cases is not profitable. Ideal strength differs from one player to another and is not always 100%.

Now, on to the advice.

First things first, get your profile bonus going. It`s free money.

Next, make sure you log in and work daily for your bonuses. Save them.

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Then, when you have enough money to buy a bottle of wine and it is your super worker bonus day, in this order, buy your wine, collect your bonuses and then work. ALWAYS drink your wine right before collecting bonuses and working. When you do get your worker bonus, it will be dependent on your wellness level. With the current bonus at 100, if your wellness is 35 just before you work, your bonus will be 35. You will get the bonus at the start of your fifth working day.

How do you know what day your super worker bonus is? When you work there is an added section at the top of the page that says: Working at [such and such]. It states how many hours you have left in your shift. At the end of the paragraph it will say something like: You have to work 2 days in a row until you get the 100.00 CAD bonus offered by the Government. When it says that you have to work 1 day in a row, you’ll know that the next day is your super worker bonus.

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When you are not working, enslave the peons. When you have won the fight sell them for 0.02 gold. Or 0.03, or 0.04. Get whatever you can get for them as quickly as you can. Your wellness may drop. after some fights, but don`t worry about it. If you bought some clothing, your wellness will stay higher than without it. Gradually buy all your clothing and then save for a house.

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Food is only used at meal time. Want to know when meal time is? Click on your inventory tab and scroll down to just under the food inventory section. Four times a day there is meal time. At this specified time, your wellness drops a certain percentage based on your current wellness score. The higher your wellness, the greater your wellness drops. Food stops some, or all, of this drop. depending on what quality food you bought. One star food is canned cat/dog food. It is gross tasting but edible. I saw my wellness go up at meal time with five star foods. Just so you know.

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If you own permanent or blocked slaves it is advisable to keep your wellness score as high as you can AT ALL TIMES. Your wellness score determines how much money you will make from your slaves. Permanent Slaves give you a maximum of 10% of their income and Blocked Slaves give you a maximum of 20% of their income.

As you can probably guess, wellness is important and keeping it up is just like when you`re married. Everything depends on it.

If you do not want to buy in, it will be a long and difficult task.

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Be patient and remember, -It`s always too soon to give up.-

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