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Post  Zendor on Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:02 pm

Ok there is what i will do , i will be the only supreme ruler there so don't ask to be governor.

lol no i don't intend to have some gov, i will put the salary at 0 so even me won't have a salary there but i will put the bonus has high has i can.

For now i will change money and try to have the currency change near 35 to 40 for now , i see in island Tonga the owner sell 1000 gold and the currency change was at 35 so i need to do the same lol. 1000 gold ouch at the same time i can't.

So for now like i say i open 3 cie trade,wood,iron and i will open more when the ressource is reset.

I will open a topic and keep it update with what i have open and if you want to open a cie in my island, i will make some rule to follow like no salary war and each month when the ressource reset we work on the raw cie first and when its empty we work in manuc cie and thats the way it is, with this way we will always take benefit from all raw available each month so if its ok i will listen to what you intend to open so i will open the topic and we start from there.


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Vanuatu Gouv Empty accepting citizen

Post  Zendor on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:53 pm

Ok i will open the door for some citizen but only 3 or 4 at the moment and only to canadian brother and sister or to serious player from other country.

I think we need 2 worker team to go on the private island (Vanuatu and Anguilla) so we can gather almost every raw ressource we have, for now i don't have the money but when i will be setup i will pay for the move , with the 3 or 4 citizen i want for now, i will make it my worker team if they want so we can move around.

More to follow


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